New Crash Game Diver: mechanics and gameplay features

Crash games have become a real hit in the gambling industry over the past few years. The young studio In Out offers its version of gambling entertainment. Emulator game Diver promises to explode the ratings shortly.

Game mechanics and rules of winning

In the Crash game Diver, the player becomes part of the crew of a submarine. The user monitors the radar and watches as the ship rises from the depths of the sea to the surface. The crew will have several attempts to surface, and in each of them, the visitor to the casino can make good money.

Rounds in the Diver start automatically. The user does not need to press the start button, as is done, for example, in slot machines. Between each rise, there is a 10-second break. This is quite enough to adjust the strategy, recharge, collection, and analysis of statistics.

The essence of the game is based on the following:

• In each round, the submarine is trying to surface. The ship is displayed on a special radar. By the way, in other games of this type, the emphasis is on the theme of air traffic and space. The player must keep track of what is happening in front of the spaceship, and in time predict the trajectory of the flight.
• The higher the ship rises and the longer it stays afloat, the greater the profit the casino customer will receive. Radar also displays the coefficient, which increases every second and changes every round
• If the online casino player manages to close the bet before the submarine wrecks, the visitor's bet is considered a winning bet. If the bet remained open at the time of the disaster, the money is written off in favor of the gambling club.

In the mechanics of Diver there are no bonuses, bonus symbols, and secret bonus rounds. The outcome of each round depends on the random number generator and the intuition of the player.

The interface of the playing field

You have to wait a few seconds to enter the game Diver. By the way, In Out offers an unlimited free version. The client of the gambling club should not waste money in vain, but train and start betting on a working strategy.

The interface is divided into several blocks:

• The main screen. This is a radar where the user will see three elements. The submarine becomes the main one, the coefficient indicator becomes the second, and the multiplier scale becomes the third detail. This line displays the latest results of the game rounds, which allows the player to track the statistics of the past hour.
• bids, enter the value, and activate the automatic closing of the beta version. The player can register the chances. When the vessel reaches this depth, the bet will be calculated automatically, and the winnings will be credited to the account balance.
• Statistics. The provider offers users to view personal results, view the overall leader and study the maximum winnings for all time. Some casino users managed to increase their deposits hundreds of times.
• Coefficients. The coefficients are marked with different colors. Visual analysis helps to quickly edit the strategy and adjust the behavior of the random number generator between moves. The game may surprise you in the next round.

The emulator was developed using HTML5 technology. When a user visits the game page from a smartphone, all the blocks are arranged in the form of tiles. You can swipe between game zones. The player does not need to switch to different sites.

How to register bets in Diver

Placing a bet takes place in two clicks. The user can do this during the current round or its pause. The player chooses the size of the bet himself. Players can independently register the amount in a separate window.

To confirm the opening of the bet, the player must click on the green button. A similar algorithm is assigned to the second block of bets. As soon as the user clicks the green button, the emulator will start playing for real money in the next round.

The random number generator in the slot machine works a little differently. It doesn't matter if the user has completed the game session or not. A visitor to a gambling club can play 5-10 rounds in a row and take a break for at least half an hour. This will not affect the final result. The game has general statistics that are not focused on the achievements of an individual casino client.

Therefore, the key condition for winning in Diver is statistics. Some players only place one or two bets per hour. The player's goal is to capture the record multiplier x250. If you look in the general results menu, you can see that such a multiplier appears on the screen on average once every 50-60 minutes.

Three tools in the statistics menu

A block with statistics will help the gambler earn good money. This menu is located at the bottom of the screen. Most newbies don't pay attention to these numbers at all. That would be a big mistake.

Statistics show at what time and with what frequency certain coefficients fall out. This applies not only to high values greater than x200-300. Even the multiplier x1,1 is fixed in this table.

The user can see his bets, view the results for the last few hours, and view the largest payouts. These three tabs will help you perform a mathematical calculation.

Many users who have already managed to win several million at Diver focus on periods. Random number generators work independently and can form millions of different combinations, but on Diver the algorithm provides a multiplier of 100 or more times on average every 60-80 minutes. There are already many examples on the Internet today of how this prediction works.

Players are trying to predict the appearance of this multiplier. Exactly one hour has passed since the last fallout of the top multipliers. From this moment, the user begins to actively participate in the game for money. At first, the player enters a bet of a few hundred credits and gradually increases the bet.

Some players act randomly, and others use the Martingale tactic when each losing bet in the next round increases by 2 times. A user who spends at least 30 minutes in the game has the best chance of winning a large jackpot.

A multiplier greater than x100 means that even with a small bet, it is possible to make a good profit. Surely these winnings will pay off all the past failures. This strategy can be used as a basic strategy.

How to reduce the risk of loss in Diver

Provider opens an endless demo mode. Players can practice and test all current strategies before playing for money. This is a new casino game with not many reviews, so each player will have a chance to find a unique tactic and be the first to win the super jackpot.

By the way, the amount of winnings in Diver is not limited. The user can even catch a multi-million dollar prize. It all depends on the multiplier and the size of the bet. As in other gambling games, experts advise taking deposits with no confidence. This will help create a safety cushion and will not empty the allotted money in a few minutes.

How to start playing Diver for free

To watch Water Odyssey for free, the player can enter the emulator in demo mode. The visitor of the gambling club is given a virtual deposit. This amount can be spent indefinitely and returned with each new entry.

In the demo version of Diver all parameters are saved. At the same time, statistics are not changed or edited. The player will be able to learn how to work with analytics and understand how to choose the correct time intervals for betting.

Why is it worth trying to play Diver for money?

The new Crash game deserves the attention of players for several reasons:

• Intuitive gameplay. Even an absolute beginner in gambling can cope with the mechanics of the official website of the bookmaker. The demo version gives you unlimited time to practice. By the way, this is a great way to have a party and just compete with friends.
• Big payouts. A coefficient above x50 already gives a chance for the jackpot. The emulator can increase the bid by several hundred times.
• Consultations of the service provider. Open statistics gives fans of analytics a chance.

In Out studio appeared on the market not so long ago, but it has already managed to please gamblers with several hit games. Crash Diver emulator is considered one of the priority games today, and this is confirmed by the growing audience of slot machine lovers.