Internet gambling is mainly represented by video slots, roulette and blackjack. Something new does not appear very often and in most cases does not resonate with the gaming audience. The crash game Aviator has managed to become an exception to the rule.

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Who developed aviator and how

There are already two versions of Aviator on the showcase of virtual casinos.

The second one was released in 2021 and features an updated design and random number generator. The mechanics remain the same. After launching the application the gambler has to do the following:

Observe the flight of the aircraft

The user does not just become a casual bystander as the plane takes off, and acts as a kind of air traffic controller.

The plane in the game Aviator flies within the radar and is marked with a red logo

Keep your eyes peeled as at some point the corn plane may fly off the screen or crash.

During the flight, numbers rapidly accumulate on the screen

This is the multiplier that will be applied to the bet. The winnings are calculated according to this formula. The user can get a payout of either x1 or x1000

The flight control panel consists of two bets

The player can either make a single bet or register two at once. However, the most important thing is to stop the bet before anything happens to the plane.

The bet is multiplied by the multiplier at which the game was stopped

If the gambler fails to catch the odds and close the bet before the corn plane falls or flies off the screen, the round is considered lost. The casino customer loses the betting money. In the other case, the bet is multiplied by the multiplier at which the game was stopped.


Incidentally, the rounds in the Aviator game start automatically. The break between rounds is 5 seconds. The player is completely free to skip some of the flights and not lose any money.

The developer of the crash game is Spribe. It is a Georgian provider that produces video slots. In 2020, the studio decided to take a risk and presented a qualitatively new product to the gambling community. Not even six months later, Aviator has become a top gambling entertainment.

The winnings on Aviator are really record amounts. Some of the rounds last more than a minute. Predictably, during this time, the screen will accumulate a multiplier of several hundred, which will give the gambler a six-figure payout. Therefore, even a normal betting setting of a minimum value provides the player with the opportunity to earn handsomely.

Two unique features 
in aviator

The mechanics of the crash game include two useful options. Beginners don't pay attention to these and end up knowingly putting themselves in a losing position. In fact, the provider itself prompts the gambler how to minimize the risks and reach the first payout.


The first feature is autoplay

Next to the betting option, the user can set the odds at which the bet will be closed. 
For example, the casino visitor decides to close the bet at a multiplier of x50. This means that once the plane reaches this mark, Aviator will automatically calculate the payout. Your job is simply to wait for the corncob to get past that altitude.

Autoplay in the Aviator Game is handy because it helps you fix your excitement level 
and not lose money due to poor reaction. The plane can get to x100 and x1000, but even x50 gives quite a good profit from both large and small bets. The same can be done with the second bet, where the odds parameters can be set at x70 for example and allow yourself to take a little risk.

The second interesting solution for casino customers at Aviator is

The second interesting solution for casino customers at Aviator is statistics. The provider gives the players access to a special "log" listing all bets made in the past days, weeks and months. Wagers of all gamblers from all casinos and betting shops, where the emulator is presented, are taken into account. Therefore, the customer of the gambling establishment will have the opportunity to play Aviator with a significant handicap.

The statistics provide several advantages

The cash game Aviator from developer Spribe also includes a free version. The demo mode opens automatically. To place a real bet, you must first register with the online casino and make a deposit on your balance. The range of bets in the crash game is enormous. You can put up €50, or you can buy in with bets starting at €1,000.

The gambler can make sure that the payouts are really coming. By the way, Spribe is officially licensed from the regulator Curacao and does not provide its software to dubious gambling establishments.

The visitor gets to analyse the algorithm. Although the random number generator produces millions of combinations, some appear with a certain periodicity. It has been observed that multipliers of x100 on average appear on the Aviator screen once every 1-2 hours.

The player will be able to form his own strategy. If an hour has passed since the last x100 multiplier, it means you can gamble and bet big in the next 10-20 minutes. During the next break the game is played in safe mode. There can be a lot of variations, and they are all displayed in the statistics window.

How to bet in aviator

The betting boxes are located below the main screen. The user needs to make a deposit to start with. In modern online casinos and betting shops, this is done via bank cards and online wallets. By the way, it is also possible to play Aviator with cryptocurrency.

There are four basic options on the betting menu interface. These are bets of €1, €2, €10 and €20. You have until the start of the next flight to select the format. A maximum of 5 seconds is given for this.

When the plane takes off, the gambler can immediately stop the flight and receive a payout at the designated odds. The minimum value is 1.10. If you do not want to constantly click on the screen, you can set this coefficient in the autoplay window, which is located just below.

In the second block to register bets a similar design is presented. Statistics is located at the bottom of the game screen.

The Aviator application is convenient because it does not contain any unnecessary tabs and settings. Everything the user needs to play for money is on one display.

The size of the bet in the game with Aviator for money is up to the user. It is best to start with the lowest values. This will help the following:

  • The fast and dynamic gameplay is not easy to navigate. Gamblers usually lose their first deposit. While the player is thinking, the plane will fly away and the money will be gone.
  • Small stakes help you play for money and learn the interface and mechanics of the game in a real-life setting. This makes it possible to get into the process faster. A second bet can be made for a larger amount.
  • You can try out different strategies and understand how the duplicate betting system works. This is one of the main features of the Aviator app, which allows you to receive a kind of insurance bonus. Two bets placed at the same time will result in higher profits.

How to get a head start in the crash game of aviator

It is not easy for newcomers to the game

However, it becomes obvious that with a certain approach and analysis of the details, the number of wins will exceed the losses by many times. Losses can be minimized in various ways:

Budget strategy for aviator game

The simplest and most workable tactic will not require a large investment from the client.

Budget strategy

It should be said right away that a deposit of €2 is hardly enough to play long and profitable games. It is better to deposit a few thousand each, and also to use a head start from welcome bonuses.

Before starting the game, the size of bets and the limit of auto cashout are chosen. The player puts up from 20 €. and fixes the closing on a quote of 1.10. In case of a loss the gambler loses a thousand, and in case of a win he earns 2 €.

The trick is that in the Aviator almost every flight ends outside the 1.5-2.3. The 1.10 threshold is crossed with enviable frequency. Already in the first 10 takeoffs you can recoup your investment and start putting your money in the black.


Martingale tactics in aviator


Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is a universal way of earning for all gambling games. The mechanics of the slot or the same Aviator does not matter. A bankroll is taken as the basis. If the bet is not played, the next bet is made at x2. This helps in winning to recoup losses from the previous round. The Aviator strategy has two drawbacks:

    — It requires instantaneous reaction. It is not always possible to react within 5 seconds and correctly decrease or increase the bet.
    — You need a huge budget. You can lose 10 or 50 times in a row. If each time the bet increases by x2, it may accumulate a solid amount of loss that is not affordable to every customer casino.

Martingale tactics are suitable for those who prefer not to worry about start-up costs. Theoretically, any winnings based on this strategy recoups all costs and gives you a plus.

How to withdraw money from aviator

Wagered bets are immediately calculated by the system. The player's balance is updated immediately. In most of the modern betting clubs and online casinos you can withdraw from 2-20 €.

Part of the money from the Aviator can be kept for further play. If bonuses have been activated, you have to win back the prizes. This is not done in Aviator, but through a video slot showcase.


What to do if a crash game is not available

In some regions, the provider Spribe restricts access to the game. Problems arise for many players from the country.
In another case, the Internet service provider is behind the blocking, which closes down sites with slot machines.

To avoid problems and to understand what Aviator is, you need to use a VPN. You should also specify a different region of residence during registration or change this parameter after logging in to your personal cabinet.

How much is the minimum bet?
Minimum stake is $0.2 in this case, if domestic currency is used in your profile. If the currency of your account is foreign, the smallest amount you may bet is 0.20 EUR.
Are there any prizes or promo codes?
The interface of the slot does not have a promotional code field. Aviator does, however, offer the possibility to apply purchased prizes from the casino. There are also the funds gained for entering the promo code. The size of available rates in all this will depend on the criteria for participating in the promotion.
What is the withdrawal method?
Aviator itself does not transfer the funds. They are stored in the casino account, through whom you opened the game. In order to withdraw you should go to your personal profile on the website, after that you should find the till. There, switch to the "Withdrawal" tab, select the method you want to use, and enter your withdrawal details.
What is the method of depositing?
In order to play at Aviator, you need to make a Deposit in the casino, via which you have found the airplane slot. To deposit, you have to find the till in your personal area and open the "Deposit" section. From the list offered, you should choose the suitable transfer channel, then specify the sum involved and enter your payment details.
How much is the minimal amount to pay out?
In the very slot the minimum payout is 1.01. And here's how much is already necessary to make a withdrawal to a card or e-wallet, it will also depend on the casino limits, where you play Aviator. Most often, the total starts at 1-2 dollars.